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A warm welcome to what is probably the most charming spot on the shores of the magnificent Wolfgangsee lake in Austria. Our campground offers everything you need for a perfect holiday. Not only will you find tranquillity, relaxation, plenty of options for physical activity and a warm and cosy atmosphere, Lindenstrand Campground also offers ample space to truly make yourself at home. Our campground gives you all of these advantages right on the shores of a truly beautiful lake that has mesmerised European nobility and royalty for many centuries. Our campground is located in the hamlet of Abersee near the town of St Gilgen, directly on the shores of Wolfgangsee with its crystal-clear waters, peacefully nestled among historic orchards and lush green meadows.

A family business with a rich local tradition

We invite our guests to experience the true and authentic life in this natural reserve with its long history in rock salt mining – not a tacky programme that makes you feel like you are visiting a theme park. Our family continues to cultivate the meadows and fields surrounding our campground with their own hands. Our historic farm symbolises the roots of our family in this beautiful landscape and also emphasises our commitment to continuity and stability. Our campground facilities are heated exclusively with wood collected from our own forest – our family’s contribution to the sustainable protection of our climate and natural environment.

Discover a premium camping experience with uncompromised wellbeing, right on the shores of the precious Wolfgangsee. Welcome to Lindenstrand Campground. Make yourself at home!

Come on, let’s go to the beach.

One of our campground’s highlights – the beach – is only a few steps from the campsites. Our beach is 140 m long, slightly sloped, and lined with bright pebbles that radiate a pleasant warmth. The shallow area along the shore is the perfect place for families with children. Here the kids can splash around in the shallow water while you comfortably unwind in one of our rental deckchairs. Guests can also relax in the two nature areas to the right and left of the bay, which are covered with soft green lawns. Or spend time sunbathing on the comfortably warm pebbles or stretching out on the timber slats of our wide pontoon. Our private pontoon extends far into Wolfgangsee and allows for a refreshing jump into its deep and crystal-clear waters. Float over the lake on your SUP board or in a kayak while you take in the breathtaking panoramic views: the expanse of the lake stretches to the horizon right in front of you, with the silhouette of historic St Gilgen visible at the far end of the lake. The majestic Falkensteinwand – a steep rock formation rising on your right-hand side – attracts daredevil cliff divers from all around the world. Facing each other, the imposing Schafberg and Zwölferhorn mountains are towering atop this breathtaking scenery, a popular destination for many of the hikes and excursions in our beautiful region.

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Premium camping – our 4 campsite categories

Free space is an essential ingredient for being able to wind down and relax. A warm and cosy atmosphere that caters to the needs of all family members is especially important during holidays. This is why all of our 209 campsites offer a generous amount of free space and privacy (campground map). Each campsite offers between 70 and 100 square metres (750 to 1,100 square foot) of free space – enough to make yourself truly comfortable and park your vehicle in close vicinity to your accommodation. Each campsite also has an electricity supply, and most sites also have water and sewage connections. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the campground.

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Resting comfortably

Depending on whether you spend your holidays in a tent, RV, campervan or trailer, you will have different requirements in terms of the terrain. Our campground offers two different types of terrains – a solid gravel surface which makes it easy to perfectly balance camping trailers, RVs and campervans. We also offer a soft and spongy grassy terrain, which will ensure you get a well-cushioned good night’s sleep in your tent.

Discover your favourite campsite

Our campground offers four categories of campsites to choose from. Whether you prefer the wide-open space of a summer meadow, the balmy shade of the fruit trees in our traditional orchard, or fading into sweet dreams listening to the waves on the lakeshore: we are certain that you will find your “personal spot” that will make your holiday an unforgettable time.

Modern restrooms, showers and laundry facilities

Our campground offers two separate locations with modern and sparkling clean showers, restrooms and laundry facilities. Implementing the latest technical standards and spotless cleanliness at all times is our top priority.

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Stadlbad „Auf der Sommerwiese“

One of these two buildings, the “Stadlbad”, is located in the south-eastern part of the campground, between the “Im Obstgarten” sites and the “Auf der Sommerwiese” campsites. We have carefully redeveloped our old stables and created a new building with contemporary restrooms, showers and laundry facilities. At the rear of the building, you can still see the old sloped ramp to the upper storey, which continues to be used as a storage space. All restrooms, showers and laundry facilities in this new building are wheelchair accessible.

  • Discreet full bathrooms (shower and sink)
  • Separate shower cubicles
  • Private-use sinks
  • Separate toilet stalls
  • Accessible bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  • Baby bathroom with bathtub, change table, small sink and child-size toilet
  • Powder room with mirror and hair dryer
  • Sinks
  • 3 washing machines
  • 2 clothes dryers
  • Clothes drying racks
  • Laundry sink
  • Chemical toilet
  • Shower for dogs

Strandhaus „Bei den Linden“

In the front area of the campground, straight behind the farmhouse and close to the “Bei den Linden” campsites, is the beach house with our new restrooms, shower and laundry facilities. The bright and modern facilities are equipped with everything you need for making your stay with us a memorable experience. All facilities are accessed from ground level.

  • Discreet full bathrooms (shower and sink)
  • Separate shower cubicles
  • Private-use sinks
  • Separate toilet stalls
  • Laundry sink
  • Chemical toilet

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Pure relaxation: the indoor area

In early 2018, we have realised a long-held dream and created a lounge on the first floor of our new beach house. The new building has recreated all the details of the old farmhouse. Various natural materials, timber roof tiles and plenty of glass ensure that the new building is in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. Enjoy the panoramic views across to Schafberg mountain and over the lake, which are still breathtaking even in less than perfect weather conditions. The three balconies offer you stunning panoramic views that are second to none.

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Services available at the beach house lounge

Take advantage of our free mobile phone chargers or simply take in the breathtaking panoramic views over a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Make yourself at home and don’t be shy to help yourself! The following services are available for your convenience:


  • Coffee maker
  • Snack vending machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Small safe-deposit boxes with mobile phone/battery charging cables
  • TV (remote on request)
  • Toddler playroom
  • Comfortable seating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Balconies

Everything you need: our convenience store

Our small convenience store is located right next to the old farmhouse. This self-service shop offers all the basics you need for a pleasant stay on our campground – from toiletry items to thongs, fresh pastries and premium produce from the region. Highly popular, not only with our little guests, is our delicious pizza-to-go, which can also be ordered from the shop. A pub is also located within short walking distance to the campground.

Yummy yummy! The food truck has arrived!

Hola Amigos! The food truck from Gauchos del Gusto Station restaurant makes a regular stop at our campground. Succulent burgers and South American street food instantly bring the spirit and taste of Argentina to Lindenstrand Campground.

Fiesta & yummy food – it will soon be gaucho time again!

For kids of all ages: fun and adventure on our playgrounds

Climbing walls, slides, swings: our playground is the perfect place for your kids to let off some steam. There’s a slide and a swing for the little ones, while the older kids can play a game of football or volleyball on the lawns right next to the playground. The large field behind the playground is part of our farming operations and still actively cultivated by us. There is another playground for smaller children right next to the new building, across from our old farmhouse and the campground reception.

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Holidays with children at Lindenstrand Campground

Lindenstrand Campground is a paradise for children of all ages. The following facilities are available to all guests and their children throughout their stay:

  • Large playground (“Auf der Sommerwiese”)
  • Ball game lawns with football goals and badminton net
  • Covered ping-pong table
  • Small playground (“Bei den Linden”)
  • Toddler playroom ("Strandhaus")

Bringing your dog along to Lindenstrand Campground

Your dog is welcome to accompany you to the beach – but dogs are not permitted in the water at Wolfgangsee. Thank you for keeping your dog on a lead in all other campground areas. Your dog can run off-lead in the designated dog-friendly area (“Hundewiese”). The following facilities are available to you and your dog:

  • Dedicated dog-walking area (“Auf der Sommerwiese”, opposite the football field)
  • Dog shower

Our rentals: bicycles, SUP, kayaks, deckchairs and more

Do you feel like exploring the region by bicycle or giving stand up paddling (SUP) a go? Or would you rather glide across the lake in a kayak? Our rental station has all the equipment you need for a great day out. Forgot your deckchairs at home? No problem, you are welcome to pick up one of the comfortable deckchairs available from the rental station.

Just ask one of our friendly staff members or visit the reception desk – we’ll be happy to assist you.

Our rental station offers:

  • SUP boards & paddles
  • Kayaks (single and double seaters)
  • E-Bikes
  • Bicycles
  • Child-size bicycles
  • Child seats
  • Deckchairs
  • Ping pong rackets and balls
  • Electric cooktop, pots and pans
  • Adapters (CEE adaptor plugs)

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Everything you need to know at a glance:

Campground facilities

How many campsites are there?

Lindenstrand Campground offers 209 campsites, 59 of them are long-stay.

What sizes are your campsites?

The sites are between 70 and 100 square metres (750 to 1,100 square foot); most have drinking water and sewage connections. The details can be found on our campground map.

What are the different areas and site categories?

We offer four different campsite categories:„Am Seeufer“, „Bei den Linden“, „Im Obstgarten“ and „Auf der Sommerwiese“

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Where can I park my car?

Please park your car directly on your campsite. We appreciate your understanding that additional cars will only be permitted upon request and payment of an additional charge.

How many restrooms, showers and laundry facilities are there?

There are two different buildings with personal hygiene facilities.

What personal hygiene equipment is available in these facilities?

Please review the equipment details for both facilities here.

What about facilities / entertainment for children?

We have two playgrounds – a large one and a smaller one – and an indoor playroom. There are also ball game lawns and a ping-pong table with equipment available at the reception desk.

Are there accessible facilities for people with disabilities?

We offer accessible restrooms and a personal hygiene room for guests with special requirements. These facilities are located in the “Stadlbad” building in the south-eastern part of the campground.

Where can I spend time if the weather is bad?

Our beach house offers an indoor playroom for children and an indoor lounge for our adult guests.

Is there a service station for RVs?

Yes, a supply and discharge station for RVs is available on-site. Please contact us if you would like to know more.


Frequently Asked

Are we allowed to bring our dog?

Your furry four-legged friend is welcome on our campground. But please note that dogs are not permitted in the water at Wolfgangsee. Your dog is, however, welcome to explore our designated dog exercise area. A dog shower is available in the “Auf der Sommerwiese” area. Thank you for keeping your dog on a lead at all times on our campground.

Is there a campervan discharge/refill facility?

Our campervan service point is located opposite the designated dog area. This facility allows you to discharge your septic tank and refill freshwater before you hit the road in your campervan – use of the facility is free of charge.

Where can I recharge my mobile phone/tablet/e-bike battery?

You will find lockable charging stations throughout the campground, all of which are free to use. If you require any further information, please contact one of our friendly team members at the reception desk.

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What about Wi-Fi?

We offer free Wi-Fi for any number of devices throughout the entire campground.

What is the right power plug/adaptor to bring along?

You will need a CEE plug (16A) with three pins.

Are there any charging points for electric cars?

Yes, a charging station (CEE 16A and 32A) is available, but an adapter is required.

Are there any shops on the campground?

Yes, our small convenience store offers all the everyday basics.

Is there a pub or a restaurant nearby?

Yes, there is a pub serving food within 500 m walking distance from the campground.

Is drinking water available at the site?

Yes, all our water outlets have potable water.

Is there a café within the campground?

Yes. At our beach house lounge, you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a snack from one of the vending machines while gazing across the lake from the balcony.

Does the campground offer bicycle or kayak rentals?

Yes, our rental station has a wide range of sporting equipment available, including bicycles, kayaks and SUP boards & paddles. Deckchairs and cooking equipment can also be rented.

What attractions and leisure activities are nearby?

The Wolfgangsee tourism region offers numerous leisure activities. A selection of the most popular choices can be found here.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by cash or by debit card (Maestro). We also accept payment by Visa or MasterCard.